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For reconciliation and dialogue

We are the only association in the world that does not wish to welcome any new members into its fold. We work towards stopping acts of violence.

  • Soon

    Peace & Reconciliation Camp – 2018

    The Peace & Reconciliation Camp of the Parents Circle Families Forum this year will be held at Kibutz Dalia during July 2018.

  • 7,000 people participated at the event this year

    The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony

    The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day seeks to remind everyone that war is not a predetermined fate, but only a human choice. “Rememberung Our Future Together”: This will be the 13th year we have held the Memorial Day Ceremony.

  • One of the our main activities

    Dialogue meetings for youth and adults

    An Israeli and a Palestinian, who tell their personal stories of bereavement and explain their choice to engage in dialogue instead of revenge.

  • A combination of historical national information and the personal and familial stories of the participants

    The Parallel Narrative Experience

    To learn about the personal and national narrative of the “other” side, as an important step towards reconciliation between the peoples.

  • Take a step and buy the "Reconciliation Bird"

    A unique project to spread the message of reconciliation among the world

    Unique embroidering skills of PCFF Palestinian women members.

  • Meet PCFF members and their stories

    Personal Stories

    Every PCFF member has lost someone to the conflict who was their entire universe. Here you can read the personal stories of Forum members, about their loved ones who are no longer present, about the journey from pain to hope and about choosing reconciliation and partnership.

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Our Facebook page is bilingual: Every post is published in Arabic and Hebrew, and in recent years, it is the PCFF’s main digital asset, with nearly 35 K followers. You will also find information about the PCFF’s activities, references and responses to different current events, PCFF members’ media appearances and any other issue which is related to our activities, our messages, our beliefs.

You too can promote peace and reconciliation

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