The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony

The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony 2018-04-05T18:41:01+00:00

The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day seeks to remind everyone that war is not a predetermined fate, but only a human choice

The joint ceremony seeks to sow the seeds of hope among the two sides, and to bring to an end wars that have taken the lives of our cherished and loved ones

This will be the 13th year we have held the Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day, uniting in the mutual pain and bereavement of both sides. The event will be held on Tuesday, 17 April 2018, at 9 pm at Ganei Yehushua (Hayarkon Park) in Tel Aviv, and we invite you to join us. We will publish additional details as the event approaches.

Towards the 2018 Memorial Ceremony

The Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day seeks to remind everyone that war is not a predetermined fate, but only a human choice. The ceremony, which takes place every year on the eve of Memorial Day for Israeli fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism. The ceremony was initiated by Buma Inbar, whose son was killed in Lebanon in 1995, and other peace activists, together with the Combatants For Peace movement. For some years the PCFF has joined in organising and producing the event, and it is now a full collaboration between the PCFF and the CFP movement.

Since the first ceremony, in 2006, the number of people who attend has gradually grown, and today counts thousands of people, bereaved Israeli and Palestinian family members. The choice to hold the event on the same day as Israel’s Memorial Day, aims to relay a message to both sides, calling them to recognize the joint pain and hope, and to try and prevent the next victims from this fate.

Throughout the years, participating guests included leading intellectuals, among them musician Yoni Rechter, Israel Prize winner Professor Yehuda (Judd) Ne’eman, singers Alon Oleartchik, Achinoam Nini and Mira Awad, Professor Eva Illouz, journalist Eliezer Yaari and others. The event has a growing media exposure. In recent years, we have had to deal with demonstrations and attempts of right-wing politicians and people to quash the event.

In 2017, a record number of 4,000 people filled the Tel Aviv hall, while hundreds more were left outside the vanue. More than 600 people took part in a parallel event in Beit Jala. Additional events were held in Kiryat Tivon and around the world: Berlin, Switzerland, USA, UK and more, sought to create a bridge on the road to reconciliation.
The event in 2017 received a lot of media attention, because the permits of the Palestinians to enter Israel were refused the Minister of Defense, Avigdor Liberman, on the days that preceded the ceremony, and after there were vigorous right-winged protests, led by Yoav Eliassi (“The Shadow”), Itamar Ben-Gvir, Michael Ben-Ari and others.

We invite you to join the crowd funding campaign and to work with us to ensure the ceremony takes place. Every donation allows us to continue to offer people a place to grieve, and to pave the way for those who believe in promoting peace and in stopping the hostility, and for those engaged with bridging the rare and fragile gap of listening and recognition.

The four PCFF members who spoke at the 2017 Memorial Ceremony