Youth Program (PCFF Youth)

 PCFF Youth is a unique dialogue group that brings together young (ages 14-18) Israelis and Palestinians. Since 2003, the PCFF has provided bereaved Israeli and Palestinian youth and their peers with the opportunity to meet people of the same ages from the other side.

Summer Program - The summer camp is jointly held in Israel for approximately 50 young people every year. The PCFF has successful experience in running these summer sessions that usually include social, educational, experiential, creative, fun and physical activities for young people in order to generate dialogue, understanding of the other side and mutual respect as well as relationships that transcend the conflict.

2013 Summer Camp 

An Island of Sanity - 2012 Summer Camp  

Israeli and Palestinian Youth Delegation to Japan - Every year a small delegation from PCFF youth is invited to Japan by "The Middle East Peace Project for Israel and Palestine". In 2013 the group was invited to Kyotango and met the Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Shinzō Abe. 


We owe our thanks to our 2015 Youth Summer Camp supporters: 

Giorgio Gomel, Jcall - Italy


    Persula Foundation




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