The Parents Circle Families Forum - Women Creating Reconciliation

 "you are brave ladies, you don't understand how much, and what strength you have..."

An Israeli bus driver that requested and was granted the permission to observe a meeting.


Founded by Tamara Rabinovich, 2006
2006-2008 - Tamara Rabinovich, Aesha Aqtam
2009-2011 - Aesha Aqtam, Tsurit Sarig
2012 - Aesha Aqtam, Aisha Fares, Robi Damelin, Rakefet Enoch


The women's group of the PCFF has been meeting since 2006. This is definitely not a regular group of women. These are women who have all suffered great tragedy in their lives. These women belong to a forum of bereaved families; Palestinian and Israeli. These ladies meet 3-4 times a year with their kindred spirits.  

Here are some examples of past activities: 

  • On September 28th, 2013, PCFF held a large public event at the Tel Aviv Cinemateque called "Neighbors - Women Creating Reconciliation". 200 Palestinians from the West Bank and around 1,500 Israelis came to this unique event that was held in the heart of Tel Aviv under the slogan "Let's Start from Talking". Read more...


  • During 2010 the PCFF women's group, created an extraordinary project with the kindness of Mr. Nick DuBois from London, entitled "Fabric of War". Twenty Palestinian and Israeli women from the group have together made paper out of materials associated with their lost ones, creating works that tell their stories and speak of their hope for change. This exhibition has in many ways been a catharsis for these women towards closure. Giving away something belonging to a lost loved one is like admitting that they are not coming back... The exhibition traveled to London in November, and was shown at the Southbank Centre, Saison Poetry Library at the Royal Festival Hall as well as the Courtauld Institute of Art. There are plans for it to be shown in 2011 in Israel and perhaps in other venues around the world.


  • In December 2009 the publicized event of the "Ladies of the Forum" took place: "Neighbors- Women Create Reconciliation". The successful event that took place at the Tel-Aviv Cinematheque, concluded long months of intensive work and a joint weekend during which the Palestinians stayed at the Israeli women's homes.



  • A meeting after the war in Gaza, 2009 -  The war in Gaza changed the groups plans and the two organizers; Aesha Aktam and Tsurit Sarig, had to think things over and find what to do in the current situation. With a group of Israeli and Palestinian women they decided to create a meeting that would allow the women to express their feelings after the war.  


  • During 2008 instead of 3 large meetings the women divided into smaller groups that met three- to four times a year. The three workshops were: Art Workshop, Non verbal Communication (Movement) and Four Elements workshop.


  • Sheikha Khadija was born as a Jew in New York. Life brought her during the seventies to the Sufi dance; whirling. After eight years of whirling she met Postneshin Jelaluddin Loras, and began the study of the classical Mevlevi turn. Sheikha Khadija teaches Whirling all over the world and comes to Israel from time to time to teach Israelis and Palestinians.  At 2008 the "Ladies of the Forum" joined one of her classes to meet once more and to celebrate the Forum's activities for 2008.


  • During 2007 The "ladies of the Forum" met several times and produced an innovative multi cultural calendar for 2008 which was sold to support the work of the group.


"Don't walk in front of me - I may not follow
Don't walk behind me - I may not lead
Just walk beside me and be my friend"
Albert Camus

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